About us
One of Chinese leading manufacturer of customized metal parts

Akita is the worldwide leading manufacturers of induction sealing systems and associated packing equipment.

Akita provides inductive sealing solutions to seal products that companies in the packaging industry rely on us, which prevent products contacting with air and liquid leakage, improve shelf life and keep freshness. We are committed to helping customers to achieve a perfect sealing legend.

From equipment design to application of expertise, from customers training services to technical support services. Akita’ s reputation for world-class inductive sealing success is second to none.

Akita Inductive Sealing Systems

We're committed to providing the most advanced technology and cost-effective solutions for your operation.The specific solutions in our applications ensure maximum runtime and function. If you need more assistances, you will find that our global support operation is unparalleled, which is the most professional and comprehensive in the industry.

Innovation & Commitment - A World Leader

Akita's unparalleled reliability and revolutionary inductive sealing innovation enhance the global packaging operation. Our reputation for world-class technology and support is well deserved. Our devotion to promote the development of the industry is exemplified by our enthusiastic participation in trade associations and organizations. 

Customized Solutions - Application of Expertise

Akita provides inductive sealing solutions for all over the world. Our respected engineers team provides incomparable application experience. These inductive sealing experts optimize system performance by configuring solutions for your specific needs.

Research and Development - Advanced Testing

Akita is equipped with a full-time R & D technical team. Our extensive testing facilities include the capability of developing innovative sealing solutions. With the continuous development of container sealing from circular to non-circular, from the electromagnetic inductive sealing technology across the lid to removal of the lid that the aluminum foil coil is used for direct punching and electromagnetic inductive sealing. Customers are provided with the most comprehensive and advanced sealing technology to meet the different needs in diverse industries. Akita pioneers the development of inductive sealing solutions for these unique applications.

Global Perspective - Local Support

Our global network of sales and service representatives works closely with your technical team before, during and after installation. They provide you with technical advice and practical assistances to ensure that your operation runs with the optimum efficiency.

Akita's steadfast customer dedication is highlighted by our unsurpassed customer service and training, prompt global on-site service, and leading interactive on-line technical support.